MAY 4 – 25, 2023

Opening Reception Thursday, May 4, 6-9PM

Department of Contemporary Art Tampa, FL is proud to present Duplicator: a collaborative exhibition with Print St. Pete featuring prints and zines exploring the magic of RISO printing. The RISO Printer-Duplicator, or Risograph, is a digital duplicating machine developed by the Riso Kagaku Corporation in Japan. Functionally a cross between photocopying and screen printing, a Risograph is a highly-automated type of mimeograph machine that makes prints by creating a stencil from a master document, wrapping the stencil around a drum, and pushing soy-based ink through the stencil on to paper at high speeds. Since their release in the 1980s, Risograph machines have become widely popular among artists, designers, and zine-makers for their ability to produce a high volume of prints in distinctly vibrant colors at a relatively low cost and low environmental impact. All of the work in Duplicator at DoCA Tampa, FL was printed at Print St. Pete, a community letterpress and Risograph print shop in Gulfport founded by Kaitlin Crockett and Bridget Elmer.

Featured artists include Kaitlin Crockett, Digital Disco, Eleanor Eichenbaum, Joe Frontel, Tyler Gillespie, Jujmo, Mia Makes It, Noelle McCleaf, Becky Rudolf, Chris Sellen, Emiliano Settecasi, and Jeff Williams.